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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Panda Stuff

amazing photograph of a giant panda

A baby panda weighs 3 ounces.

a panda etts mostly bamboo

a pandas cot is wotrprooff

did you know pandas hav six fingers


  • This is good information! I did not know that a panda's coat was waterproff. I am excited to see what else you will be putting on your website.

    By Blogger AmyEllen16, at 1:04 PM  

  • So if a panda counts his fingers, he'll get to 12?

    That's really neat!

    What's next? Can you tell me anything about sharks?

    I'm afraid of sharks. Do they swim in my lake?

    By Blogger Chris, at 12:35 AM  

  • Pandas are totally cool! I did not know they were waterproof. They look so soft and fluffy.

    By Blogger Rose, at 8:52 PM  

  • I love panda's. I never knew they had six fingers. That is pretty crazy.

    By Blogger ben, at 8:33 PM  

  • hi
    i really neede those facts for a book i make
    ur writing is cute!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:07 AM  

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